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Sideload Channels DVR Server to Nvidia SHIELD

Installing Channels DVR Server to your Nvidia SHIELD requires that you sideload Channels DVR Server.

No Longer Supported

Channels DVR Server for Nvidia SHIELD is no longer supported. It will remain available to download and install, and will receive updates for now, but is no longer eligible for technical support. Availability could be removed at any time.

Please utilize our great Community for any help you need.

Sideloading to your Nvidia SHIELD only takes a few steps:

  1. Install the Downloader app
  2. Enter 565284 or
  3. Run the Channels DVR Server app and set it up or restore your last backup.

Run the Channels DVR Server App

Once you have installed the Channels DVR Server app, you need to launch it, start it, and optionally restore your last backup.

  1. Open the Channels DVR Server app from your Home screen
  2. Allow it to access photos, media, and files on your device
  3. Click Setup DVR
  4. Click Enable DVR

Setting Up for the First Time

If you are setting up Channels DVR Server for the first time, visit http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_SHIELD:8089/ in a browser on another device to complete the set up of Channels DVR Server.

Your Channels DVR Server should be set up and ready to work again.

Restoring Your Last Backup

If you are restoring from an old install of Channels DVR Server, visit http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_SHIELD:8089/restore in a browser on another device to restore the last backup.

Your Channels DVR Server should now be restored and ready to use.

Note: You can find the IP address of your Nvidia SHIELD by visiting Settings > Network & Internet.