We offer pre-release versions of Channels DVR Server on a routine basis. The pre-release version is used to get bug fixes out as soon as they’ve been identified and fixed. We also use the pre-release as a way to get new features out before they go public.

The pre-release version is practically as stable as the release version. We use it to add new features and get bug fixes out immediately. We invite our Channels community to be involved in this, so we make it available to everyone.

How do I update to the pre-release version?

In the Settings tab of your Channels DVR Server web admin, you’ll find the Status section. Click the Check for Update drop down and choose Check for Pre-Release.

What are the pre-release versions used for?

We use the pre-release versions of Channels DVR Server for two specific reasons.

Bug Fixes and Support

When we receive a bug report via support or from our community, we immediately identify and fix the bug. Once we do this, we immediately update the pre-release version. We send out multiple updates per day. Once the new version is up there, we contact the person that submitted the bug, have them update to the latest pre-release, and verify the bug has been fixed. This way their issue can be resolved within minutes, and everyone else can benefit as well.

New Features

The other way we use the pre-release is for introducing big new features. When we add new features, we include our Channels community in the process by letting them use it for a short period via the pre-release version. This lets us get new features out fast while getting rapid feedback from our fans.

Are the pre-release versions stable?

Yes. We do not distribute pre-release versions in any kind of unstable state. You should not expect that these versions would be full of bugs and crashing. In fact, they have less bugs since bug fixes appear on pre-release versions first.

That being said…this IS a pre-release version of Channels DVR Server and things can happen. If you want to ensure your TV and DVR systems are completely stable, you should stick to the release version.

Are there release notes?

Yes. You can follow the latest changes here.