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Server API


Learn how to programatically inspect the data in Channels.

Channels DVR Server provides a full REST based API for inspecting its data. Use the Server API to access shows, episodes, movies, video groups, and more to easily utilize your Channels data in other projects.

API Explorer

Channels DVR Server has a built in API Explorer that allows you to easily explore the API, experiment with queries, and see the results. You can access the API Explorer in the Support menu on your Channels DVR Server web admin.

server api explorer


The API currently has no authentication at the moment. Channels DVR Server does not require authentication when communicating with it on a local network. So for now, all API requests must be made from the same local network as your Channels DVR Server.

There are plans for the future to add authentication to the API, but it will be optional, not required for local network requests, and will be used to make requests away from the local network.


The following is a list of resources you can query. Read more below on their data structures and the API endpoints available for querying them.