Offline Downloads

Take your shows and movies with you.

Download anything in your library directly to your device.

Watch offline or without using data.

offline downloads

Fill up your device, and keep the kids happy.

Always have something to watch at a moments notice.

Browse, Download, and Watch

Download your movies or shows directly to your device to watch any time or anywhere.

Watch Offline

Watch in Airplane Mode or places without Internet.

Stay in Sync

Your watch history will automatically sync with your library.


Load up on movies and TV shows for your long vacation at that remote spot.

Car Trips

Keep the kids busy on long car rides. Or anywhere.

Skip Hotel Wifi

Avoid bad hotel wifi and ensure your TV shows are always watchable.

Common Questions

Do downloads expire?

No. Anything you download to your device from your Channels library will be available until you delete it from your device

If I watch an episode on my device while offline, will it be marked as watched at home?

Yes. Channels will track your watch history on anything you watch offline. The next time your device has a data connection, your watch history will sync back to your Channels library.

Do I have to keep Channels open while it is downloading?

No. Channels will continue to download in the background even when you close the app.

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You can learn more about Downloads in our support article.

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