Kids Section

Separate the kids' content from your main library.

Give the kids their own library to browse from.

And keep your library clean.

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Just For Kids

Give the kids their own place to find what they want, fast.

Keep Them Separate

Browse your main library without the noise of all the kids' stuff.

Easily Manage

Set movies and TV shows to show in the Kids Section, the main library, or both.

Kids Only Mode

Lock the Channels app down to only show content from the Kids Section.

Find It Fast!

Kids Section shows the most recently watched movies so the kids can re-watch those movies even faster.

Improve Your Life

Keep the libraries separate and keep your sanity.

Common Questions

What's the point of this?

Kids love movies. When your library is full of their movies, browsing your library can get to be a bit of a pain. Trying to browse through a list of comedies when 50% of it is kid movies can be frustrating.

By moving things to the Kids Section, this not only allows them to find their movies and TV shows faster, it removes them from the main library. This lets you browse your movies and TV shows without the noise of all the kids' stuff.

How does this work?

Channels' Library Visibility feature allows you to define where movies and TV shows show up. You can choose Kids, the Main Library, or both. Just manage your content to tell Channels where it should show up.

You can learn more about Library Visibility in our support article.

Can I have content show in the Kids Section and the Main Library?

Yes. Choose the Both option in Library Visibility to let content show everywhere.

Learn More

You can learn more about the Kids Section in our support article.

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