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Provide Channels with a source of TV broadcasts. Use a TV tuner or sign in with your existing cable or streaming provider.

Install Channels to watch, pause, and rewind the live TV stream from your Channels source.

Subscribing to Channels Plus gets you our powerful, flexible DVR. Easily record entire seasons, skip commercials, and watch your favorite shows anywhere.

Provide Channels with a source.

Channels can work with multiple sources of TV. Use your antenna or cable with a TV tuner. Sign in with your cable or streaming provider. Mix and match to get as many channels as you can.


HDHomeRun Duo

Use Channels with the TV broadcasts that you already have. An HDHomeRun takes TV broadcasts and streams them over your home network, like magic. They work with free over the air TV via an antenna or with CableCards from your cable provider.

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HDHomeRun Duo

TV Everywhere

Sign in with with your existing provider to unite all of your streaming channels into a single guide. Watch and record all of your channels in a single app.

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More about Channels Plus

Channels Plus adds premium features that transforms Channels into a media powerhouse.

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