How It Works

Connect your source to Channels and go.

Provide Channels with a source of TV broadcasts. Use a TV tuner or sign in with your existing cable or streaming provider.

Install Channels DVR Server on your computer at home.

Install Channels on your device to watch and record live TV from your TV source.

Provide Channels with a source.

Channels is not a streaming provider. Channels works with existing sources of live TV. Use your antenna or cable with a TV tuner. Sign in with your cable or streaming provider. Or even add your own live streaming channels. Mix and match to get as many channels as you can.

Install our DVR software.

Channels DVR Server runs on your computer or NAS device at home. There's no cloud to worry about. Your recordings and shows will always be available.

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Installs on virtually any device.

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Our flexible subscription gives your family a media powerhouse. Record your favorite shows, watch while away from home, watch on every device.

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Whole Home DVR

Instantly set up a whole home DVR.

Streaming Premium Channels

Sign in with your existing provider to use its channels.

Remote Streaming

Watch TV on your device while away from home.

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Channels is the best way to record and watch your favorite TV. Link Channels with your source or provider and start recording your favorite shows and watching anything while away from home.

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