TV Everywhere

Watch and record your streaming channels.

Watch and record with your existing provider

Sign in with your cable or streaming provider account to unite all of your streaming channels into a single app.

All of your streaming channels under one roof

Use your streaming channels to watch and record with a single DVR the whole family will love.

Sign in and Record

Sign in with your provider and start recording in minutes.

Whole Home DVR

Record in one place, watch on every device, from anywhere.

Smart Recording

Record specific episodes or create a Series Pass to get every new episode that airs.

Program Guide

Zero configuration to see what's on TV

Automatic Commercial Skipping

Recordings get their commercials indexed, so commercials are automatically skipped.

Watch on the Go

Catch up on your shows at the gym. Finish the end of the game on the train. Tune in to breaking news when it happens.

Common Questions

How does this actually work?

Cable and streaming providers give customers the ability to watch live TV streams via network provided web sites or mobile and TV applications. By signing in with your provider, those network channels can be watched with Channels.

Is my provider supported?

If you can sign in to network TV apps or websites with your cable or streaming provider account, your provider is supported. Check out TV Everywhere channel availability for your provider.

Learn More

You can learn more about how TV Everywhere works with Channels in our support article.

More about Channels

Channels is the best way to watch and record all of your streaming channels with a single app. Link Channels with your provider and start watching live TV with a familiar guide, recording your favorite shows, and watching anything while away from home.

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