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Watch TV Your Way

Channels isn't just a simple media system. It's your family's favorite way to watch TV.

Smart Recording

Record specific episodes or create a Series Pass to get every new episode that airs.

Search Your Favorites

Did you just hear about a great new show? Search for it right in Channels.

Watch While Recording

Watch a recording that's currently in progress, or choose to watch it live.

Team Pass

Search for your favorite team, create a Team Pass, and never miss a game again.

Up Next

Channels will suggest which shows to watch next based on your history.

Automatic Commercial Skipping

Recordings get their commercials indexed, so commercials are automatically skipped.

Auto Play

Automatically starts playing the next episode after you finish watching.

Personal Media

Add your existing movies and TV shows to your library.

Kids Section

Organize your content to show in the Kids section, your main library, or both.

Spoiler Free

Hide the art of episodes or sporting events that you haven't watched yet.

Kids Only Mode

Lock the Channels app down to show only content from the Kids Section.

Virtual Channels

Use content from your library to create personal channels that appear right in your live TV guide.

With all the pro features.

Who says friendly can't be powerful? Get modern TV with all the bells and whistles.

Whole Home DVR

Record in one place, watch on every device in your house.

Auto Prune

Never run out of space. Let Channels manage your recordings.

Flat Files

Your recordings are available as simple video files right on your hardrive.

Tuner Sharing

Watch the same channel on every device, only use 1 tuner.

Hardware Transcoding

Hardware accelerated transcoding for fast remote streaming.

Multiple Tuner Support

Use as many HDHomeRuns as you want, or even prioritize them.

Smart Rules

Use rules to create Virtual Channels or Library Collections and they stay updated automatically.

Image Management

Add your own images to use for TV show or movie art, or channel logos.

Metadata Management

Rich editing tools to ensure the metadata for your content is just right.

Add your personal media.

Select your movie, TV, or videos folder on your computer and Channels will add their contents. Your personal media is automatically indexed with art and metadata and available right from your Channels library.

Learn about Personal Media

Use your existing provider.

Channels lets you log in with your existing provider to watch and record its channels.

Learn more about how you can use your own TV provider.

Manage and watch from anywhere.

Leave your TV shows and movies at home and stream them from anywhere.

Seamless Management

Manage recordings, create a Series Pass, schedule recordings from the guide or while you watch, from wherever you want.

Watch on the Go

Bring your TV streaming device with you, or just tune in on your phone or tablet.

On Vacation

Relax and don't get behind on your favorite shows.

Away on Business

Watch your own favorite shows in your hotel.

At the Gym

Catch the game while you work out.

On your Commute

Binge your shows on your morning commute.

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Just need live TV with your HDHomeRun?

Learn about Channels for HDHomeRun

More about our Channels DVR Server

Channels DVR Server is a separate application that powers Channels. It runs in your home on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and almost all popular NAS systems. There's no cloud to worry about being down. Your recordings are always available.

Learn more about Channels DVR Server