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Our friendly community making Channels better every day.

Fans helping fans.

Channels' community of fans are the secret to its success. They help each other, share tips and tricks, and build projects to extend and make Channels better.

And we're right there with them. The Channels developers are mixed in with the community on a daily basis. We deliver multiple beta versions per day for them to test and provide feedback on. Channels wouldn't be what it is with out them.

Learn more about some of the projects the community has contributed to extend Channels, or go straight to the Community forum to join this legion of fans.

Community contributed projects that extend and improve Channels.

Utilizing Custom Channels, these third party community contributed projects help you add more channels and watch from sources you never thought you ever would.

Pluto for Channels

Add Pluto's channels directly to your guide.

Community GitHub

Stirr for Channels

Add Stirr's channels directly to your guide.

Community GitHub

Frndly TV for Channels

Utilizing your Frndly TV membership, add channels from the service directly to your guide.

Community GitHub


Utilizing your ESPN+ membership, add channels from ESPN, ESPN+, MSG+, Paramount+,, and FOX directly to your guide.

Community GitHub

Samsung TV+ for Channels

Add Samsung's FAST channels directly to your guide.

Community GitHub

Webcam Resolver

Fetch streaming URLs for online hosted webcams to use in your Custom Channels.

Community GitHub

OliveTin for Channels

A collection of tools, tricks, and miscellaneous tasks for advanced Channels fans.


AndroidHDMI for Channels

Fully automate the control over an Android TV streaming device and networked HDMI encoder to build streaming channels for anything you want.



Utilize deep links, an Android TV device, and a networked HDMI encoder to capture and gain a custom channel right in your guide for watching and recording.