Stream Links

Add movies and TV shows from streaming services into your Channels library.

Browse your favorite streaming movies and shows in your Channels library.

Browse in Channels, watch in the streaming app.

stream links

Put your streaming content where you watch your TV.

Fill up your library and never browse another app again.

Kids Content

Load up all of their favorite shows and movies so they can find them in one place.

Unified Library

Put all your favorite streaming shows right next to your DVR recordings.

Make it Easy on your Family

Stop making your family search multiple apps to find the content they're watching.

Build Out Your Library

Fill out your movie library with tons of movies from your streaming services.

Never Open Another App Again

Stop opening so many apps to get to the movies and shows you want.

Fall in Love

Fall in love with having a single library for all your favorite content.

Common Questions

How does this actually work?

Stream Links are just simple plain text files with URLs to the content on streaming services. Channels loads them into your library as actual content. When you go to watch a movie or TV episode, you will be taken to the corresponding streaming app and it will start playing.

How do I make a stream link??

Simply create a plain text file with the .strmlnk extension and edit it to have the URL of the content you want. Save the file and add it to your Imports directory in your DVR data folder. Channels will import it into its library. For example: Jurassic Park (1992).strmlnk

Where do I get the links for movies and TV shows?

For most streaming services, you can browse their website to find URLs for content. Once you start playing the content, copy the URL from the address bar in your browser and use that.

Is this content marked as watched in Channels when I watch it?

Unfortunately, no, Channels has no means to know if you've watched something on a streaming service. Fortunately, Channels is really easy to use to manage this yourself right inside the app.

Learn More

You can learn more about how to create and add Stream Links in our support article.

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