On Later

Explore your guide to find new things to record.

Browse and record upcoming shows, movies, and sports.

It's easier than ever to find fun things to record and watch.

Find things to record in a friendly browsable experience.

You'll never be out of things to watch.

Explore Upcoming Movies

Browse all of the movies available for you to record, in one place.

Scout Upcoming Sports

Browse by your favorite league or by type of sport.

For the Kids

Explore content for your kids. Browse education shows, fun shows, or movies.

New Shows and New Seasons

On Later highlights new shows and seasons so you can always find something new.

Browse Channels

Explore all of the shows, sporting events, and upcoming movies for a single channel.

Personalized Results

Fine tune On Later with your preferred channels, sports, and genres.

Common Questions

How does it work?

On Later is a section in Channels that lets you explore recordable items from your guide in a nice browsable way. Browse it like a library and have Channels record anything that you find.

What kind of ways can I browse upcoming airings?

On Later lets you browse many ways. You can see what shows are coming on tonight or later this week. On Later will also show you a list of all new shows that are set to premiere. You can also browse a list of shows that are starting up again by browsing New Seasons.

You can browse all of the movies available for you to record by their genre. You can also browse all of the upcoming sporting events by their league or sport.

The Kids section highlights new shows, educational shows, fun shows, and movies for kids. On Later can help you find many things for the kids.

How do I personalize On Later results?

With the ability to fine tune On Later, you can personilze its results. Choose your favorite channels, movie genres, show genres, or sport leagues and On Later will boost the things you like to the top of its results.

Learn More

You can learn more about On Later in our support article.

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