Local Content

Import your existing recordings into your Channels library.

Point Channels at your hard drive, and watch the content flow.

Add your existing movies and TV shows to your library.

local content

Move to Channels, bring your old DVR recordings with you.

You don't have to leave your old library behind.

Import Movies, TV Shows, and Home Videos

Select your movie or TV folder and Channels will add them to your library.

Fill out your Library

Imported content appears in your library just like the rest of your recordings.

Smart Scanner

Channels will scan your content and add all its metadata.


Channels fully supports 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.

Formats Galore

Channels supports the playback of all major video and audio formats.

Keep your Files Put

Channels references your video files, so feel free to keep them where they already are.

Common Questions

Do all formats work?

We can't enumerate every single video or audio codec and container that Channels supports, but we can say that all modern codecs and containers work just fine. Is FLV supported? No. Is HEVC with HDR supported? Yup.

Does Channels transcode on the fly to play back certain formats?

No. Channels can play back all supported formats directly on device. Transcoding is employed if quality settings are set to do so. But in your home, no transcoding is required.

Can I import home videos or other videos that are not specifically movies or TV shows?

Yes! Point Channels at folders full of home videos, concerts, Internet videos, sporting events, or other random videos and they will be added directly to your library. Using built in tools, you can provide titles, descriptions, and art for your videos so they look great in Channels.

Learn More

You can learn more about Local Content in our support article.

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