Sports Section

Get all your sports content in a single place.

Enable a dedicated destination for all your Sports.

A must have for the sports junky in your life.

library collections

Just For Sports

Add a section just for your sports content.

Keep Them Separate

Browse your main library without the noise of all your sports content.

Easily Manage

Manage how the Sports Section works right inside it.

On Now & On Later

See all of the sporting events that are on live TV right now, or later today.

Recently Added

The Sports Section shows the recently added sporting events from your library so you can get to watching faster.

Your Sports

Find and browse the sport leagues in your libary directly in the Sports Section.

Live Only

Optionally show only events that are broadcasting live.

Sports Talk

Optionally include Sports Talk shows to the section.

Exclude Sources

Optionally exclude sources from providing content for the section.

Common Questions

What's the point of this?

We all love sports. Some love them more than others. Sometimes sports content does not mix well into our main libraries.

The Sports Section gives you a specific destination for all of your sports. Find an event to watch faster, an event you recorded faster, or even what events might be on later in the day.

Enabling the Sports Section removes this content from the regular browsing experience, putting it in an easier to find section, and cleaning your library at the same time.

How does this work?

Channels uses the metadata of your content and your guide data to include Sports content directly into the Sports Section.

You can learn more about this in our support article.

Can I have content show in the Sports Section and the Main Library?

No. When you enable the Sports Section, it makes all of your sports content available in the section while hiding it from the main library.

Sports on live TV will still be available from the Guide and On Now. The Sports Section is just an additional way to find currently airing sporting events.

Learn More

You can learn more about the Sports Section in our support article.

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