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Channels is easy for the whole family to love.

A joy to use, simple to set up, and never switch inputs again. Channels delivers a unified experience across all your TVs, devices, and streaming platforms.

Enjoy free over-the-air HDTV and cable TV shows in one app.

Channels is the most family friendly cord cutting tool you can have in your arsenal. It has simple and familiar ways to both browse and control TV.

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Channels is the very best way to record your shows and never miss an episode.

Record something in progress. Set a pass to record all or just new episodes. Record all of the games for your favorite team.

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Bring live TV and cable into every part of your home and beyond.

Watch the award show in the living room. Watch the game in the garage. Catch up on your shows at the gym. Tune in to breaking news on your phone when it happens. Watch anything, anywhere, wire free.

Check out what else Channels can do

What People are Saying

Apple TV just became the best box for streaming live broadcast TV”


Apple TV already has at least one 'killer app'. The new third-party Apple TV app, Channels.”


I can tell you it’s buttery smooth”

Zatz Not Funny!

The interface is beautiful, minimalistic, and laid out in a logical manner”