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Smart Rules

Smart Rules let you create lists of content dynamically.

Smart Rules automatically fetch content from your library based on criteria you specify. They can be used to build Library Collections and Virtual Channels.

Whenever you add or remove items from your library that meet the criteria of a Smart Rule, the collection is automatically updated to include them.

How they work

You build your Smart Rule by adding rows of criteria. In the following example, the Smart Rule is used to fetch all movies that are in the Action genre and made between 1980 and 1989.

smart rule editor


There are many pieces of data you can use when building your Smart Rule.

Criteria Examples
Categories Movie, Show, Sports
Genres Action, Drama, Comedy
Tags HD, Live, Dolby Digital
Labels Your custom Labels
Quality Rating Match based on the critical rating of the content
Content Rating Match based on the MPAA or TV rating of the content
Duration Match based on the duration of the content
Show Name String match the title of shows to return full shows
Title String match the title for movies or shows to return movies or episodes
Episode Title String match the title of episodes
Event Title String match the title of sport events
Summary String match the summary of items
Full Summary String match the long summary of items
Season Number Match the season number of recordings
Episode Number Match the episode number of recordings
Year Match the year that items were released
Cast Match the cast of items
Directors Match the cast of directors
Favorited Match if the item is favorited or not
Watched Match if the item is watched or not
Visibility Match based on the Library Visibility setting of an item

Advanced Editor

Smart Rules are simply advanced search queries that are applied to your library. The Rule Editor lets you build them with simple tools, but you can also drop down to the advanced editor.

By shifting to Advanced Mode when editing your Smart Rule, you’ll be able to edit the rule by hand and build even more advanced queries that the Rule Editor just can’t do. Though, most of the time the Rule Editor will get the job done.

smart rule advanced rule