We recommend the HDHomeRun Connect Duo or Quatro, depending on how many channels you plan to record/watch at the same time.

We do not recommend the Extend, as the hardware transcoder is quite limited and the newer chipset in the Connect Duo/Quatro is a better value for your money.

What is the ideal network setup for my HDHomeRun?

For best results, ensure that your HDHomeRun has a static DHCP reservation on your router.

Plug the HDHomeRun, streaming device, and Channels DVR Server PC/NAS into the same physical switch/router using high-quality Cat6 cables.

Instead of plugging devices directly into your router, we recommend buying an inexpensive gigabit switch and plugging everything into that, then plugging the switch into your router. The quality of the switches built into most routers are not of very great quality.

How do I capture a video sample to troubleshoot player issues?

First, look up the IP address of your HDHomeRun tuner by visiting http://my.hdhomerun.com and copy the URL of your HDHomeRun.

Next, find the channel number of the channel that is having playback issues.

Finally, use the IP and CHANNEL to enter the following URL into Chrome to download a sample:


So for example if your HDHomeRun IP is and the channel is 102 then the URL will be: