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Channels on macOS

Thanks to Apple Silicon in Macs, macOS can now run apps designed for iOS.

Channels on macOS

How It Works

Apple Silicon based Macs use the same architecture as iPhones and iPads. Because of this, macOS can now run iOS apps.

Not all iOS apps are available or work well on macOS, but Channels does. Everything you expect from Channels will work, it will even let you use PIP on your desktop to watch TV while you work.

Read Here to see if your Mac has an Apple Silicon chip.

Install Channels

Once you have have confirmed that your Mac is Apple Silicon based, simply just install Channels from the Mac App Store.

Channels on macOS Install

Now you can use Channels right on your Mac.

Note: When running on macOS, Channels will use the iPad presentation. This is just how the iOS app support works on Apple Silicon Macs.

Note: Join the beta program to help make Channels even better.