Channels uses your home network to receive TV from supported sources to let you watch live TV on your streaming device. You’ll need these things to get started with Channels.

TV Source

Channels requires a source to stream your live TV from. The supported sources are listed below.


HDHomeRun is a TV tuner that provides its TV streams over your home network. Plug in an antenna or CableCard, plug it into your home router, and HDHomeRun can stream TV across your home network.

Channels uses it to play those streams right in the app.

An HDHomeRun can use either free over-the-air HD television via your HD antenna, or your cable plan via a CableCard from your operator.

Note: Learn More about what an HDHomeRun is and which model is best for you.

TV Everywhere

Channels can use your TV Everywhere channels.

TV Everywhere is a technology that allows you to log in with your cable or streaming provider’s credentials, and receive the live TV streams they support.

You might have done this by logging into the CNN or Bravo app. Channels can do the same thing.

Note: Learn More about what TV Everywhere is and how you can use it with Channels.

Streaming device

Channels runs on streaming devices to let you watch and record live TV on the same devices you use to watch Netflix.

Channels supports many popular streaming platforms.

Note: Learn More about which devices are supported.


Channels uses your home network to pass around video to your streaming devices. You should have a good home network.

Note: Learn More about the home network requirements for Channels.