Channels runs on almost every streaming platform available.

Supported Platforms

Streaming Boxes

Channels makes for an incredible TV or cable box replacement for your TVs at home.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a great streaming box. It’s fast, there’s no advertisements, and Channels works wonderfully on it.

Android TV

Android TV devices are all supported, including the great NVIDIA Shield TV. Channels supports home screen channel rows on devices with Android O or higher.

Fire TV

Fire TV is great for traveling and watching all your shows while you’re away.

Most Fire TVs are supported though some do not have the horsepower needed to playback the size of video that live TV requires.


  • Fire TV Stick with 4K
  • Fire TV televisions

Not Suggested

While older Fire TV devices can work, they are don’t perform nearly as well as the Fire TV Stick with 4K. With the price being so low, we suggest replacing older Fire TV devices for a full Channels investment.


With Channels on your phone, you can schedule your recordings right from your pocket. Tablets are great for watching your shows while you’re traveling.


Channels works great on both iPhones and iPads.

Note: iOS 13 or higher is required.


Channels works great on Android phones and tablets.

Fire Tablet

Fire Tablets are very popular with kids. Channels lets your kids watch their shows anywhere around your home, or away.