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Library Visibility

Library Visibility allows you to determine where content shows up while browsing.

What is it?

Channels lets you define the Library Visibility of movies, shows, and collections. In the options for a movie or show, you can choose where you want it to be visible. You can choose Library, Kids, Both, or Hidden.

Content set to Kids will only show up in the Kids Section. It will not show up while browsing your main library. Content set to Both will show in both the Kids Section and your main library. Content set to Library will show only in your main library. This is the default of all content.

You can even hide content by using the Hidden option. Content hidden will not show up in the libary, but it will show up in Library Collections.

Cheat Sheet

Setting Visibility
Library Only in the main library (default)
Kids Only in the Kids Section
Both Main Library and Kids Section
Hidden Hidden, but visible inside Library Collections