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I'm having audio and video problems.

Audio and video problems are usually covered by one of two cases, bad networking or bad antenna reception.


If you’re seeing pausing or stuttering or other bad image issues, this is probably network related and you should ensure your home network is fast enough to stream video for Channels.

The audio or video stream coming from the HDHomeRun is a raw HD format and is generally 2-3x larger than what streams from Netflix, Hulu, or your home videos.

For optimal performance, keep both your HDHomeRun and Apple TV directly wired to your home router with an ethernet cable. If you must use WiFi, make sure your WiFi router supports a high-bandwidth specification like 802.11n or 802.11ac.

Note: Learn More about protips for ensuring your home network is ready for TV across your home.


If your home network speeds are great, but you’re still seeing issues with video and audio while using HDHomeRun as a source, this may indicate that your antenna reception is less than perfect.

It can be tricky to get your indoor antenna to receive the radio waves from all of the towers in your location. Experiment with different locations to see if your reception comes in better.

HDHomeRun Tool

For troubleshooting HDHomeRun tuners, you can visit the HDHomeRun provided web administration tool at: This tool can show you your reception quality while playing live TV.

While playing live TV, visit the tool and choose your HDHomeRun tuner. Choose Tuner Status and then the tuner that is currently being used. The tool will show your signal quality and help show if your reception is the problem with your audio and video problems.