TV Everywhere is a system used by cable and streaming providers to give you access to network channels. If you’ve used your provider’s credentials to sign in to a TV network’s app, you’ve used TV Everywhere.

Channels uses TV Everywhere to allow you to watch and record those channels you have access to.

Note: Learn more about which TV networks each streaming or cable provider supports via the TV Everywhere system.

Can I use TV Everywhere without a Channels Plus subscription?

No. TV Everywhere is a feature of Channels Plus and is exclusive to the service.

The standalone Channels app for live TV found on the app stores can not use TV Everywhere without you being a Channels Plus subscriber.

How does it work?

After choosing your provider and logging in with your credentials, Channels will scan for all the channels you have access to and will add them to your lineup.

Does it work on any computer?

TV Everywhere sources are supported in Channels DVR Server installed on all Windows, Mac, and Linux based computers. This includes the Raspberry Pi 4 or equivalent.

It is supported on all Intel based NAS devices as well as the WD My Cloud Home and NVIDIA SHIELD.

ARM based NAS devices are not supported.

Why don’t I receive all the channels I have with my provider?

Not all providers have TV Everywhere licenses for all of the TV networks they provide. Additionally, not all TV networks provide live streaming from the web.

When streamed in Channels, these come from the networks, not your provider. Your provider is giving you access to the networks’ streams. So you don’t always end up with all of the channels that you get with your subscription. The channels you might be missing are the ones that your provider has not licensed for TV Everywhere support.

If you can sign in to a TV network’s site and watch live TV, you will be able to use that TV network in Channels.

Note: Learn more about which TV networks each streaming or cable provider supports via the TV Everywhere system.

Local Channels

Local networks are not 100% supported through the TV Everywhere system, so they aren’t always available to be used in Channels.

Adding on an HDHomeRun with an antenna would get you local channels.

Additionally, if it’s supported in your area, Locast is a provider that lets you stream your local channels for a small donation per year. Channels supports Locast channels. You can log in with your Locast account and your local channels will get added to your lineup. This is a great solution for adding local channels if it’s available in your area.

Premium Channels

Premium channels like HBO, Showtime, etc do not participate in the TV Everywhere system. We suggest logging in and using their apps instead.

Extra Channels

Channels also adds in many free live TV streams that are available on the internet. We throw these in to get our fans as much content as possible.