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Channels DVR Server won't run on QNAP anymore

QNAP released a firmware update, 4.5.1, which disabled all third party packages. Follow these instructions to get it running again

Upgrade to latest QNAP firmware

Upgrade your QNAP firmware to Build 20201024.

This new version restores the original functionality.

Alternative: Install Channels DVR Server inside Container Station

  1. Install and start Container Station on your QNAP
  2. Click Resource > Images > Pull, then enter fancybits/channels-dvr and tve
pull docker image from Container Station
  1. On the new image entry, click Actions > + (Create Container)
create docker container in Container Station
  1. Click Advanced Settings
  2. Under Network, change Network Mode: Host
docker network settings in Container Station
  1. Under Device, click Add then select Direct Rendering Infrastructure
docker device settings in Container Station
  1. Under Shared Folders
    • Enter channels-dvr-application under New Volume > Name
    • Click Add above Volume from host
    • Click Host Path and select your DVR share for saving recordings
    • Enter /shares/DVR for Mount Point
docker folder settings in Container Station
  1. Click Create, verify your settings, and then click OK
docker container creation confirmation in Container Station
  1. Click into Resource > Containers > channels-dvr and wait until it says Running Channels DVR…
Channels DVR Server running in Container Station
  1. Open http://x.x.x.x:8089 to configure the new DVR