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Start Up

Channels can automatically start up to the same section every time. It can even start up to one of your favorite channels.

Start Up Section

Do you want Channels to show the Guide every time you open it? Would you like your favorite channel playing every time it’s opened? You can do that! ` Visit Settings > General > Start Up to set the section you want Channels to always start with.

Choose Live TV to have it start with Live TV every time.

Start Up Options

There are a few options and defaults for Start Up. Here’s their explanation:

  • Start Up Section: This is the section that will show every time Channels launches. Choose Live TV to have TV playing every time. Choose Default to prefer the original behavior, loading the last section you were on.

  • Start Up Channel: If you have chosen Live TV as the Start Up Section, choose which of your favorite channels should automatically play. Set it to Default to have it play the last channel you watched.

  • Set Section on: Choose App Launch to only show the Start Up Section when the app is first loaded. Choose App Launch & Resume to have it show the Start Up Section when the app is first loaded AND when the app resumes from being backgrounded.

Note: When set to App Launch & Resume, the start up section will only show on resume after Channels has been backgrounded for longer than 60 seconds. This prevents unpleasant interactions when leaving the app for a short moment before coming back to it.