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My guide data is missing or incorrect. What can I do?

From time to time, you may see discrepancies in your guide data.

Contact us for help, via email at [email protected].

Note: Guide data is limited in some areas and not all channels will have logos and images. However, if none of your channels are showing guide data it usually indicates some sort of misconfiguration.

Include the following information

  • Device information
    • HDHomeRun model name
    • HDHomeRun firmware version
    • Antenna or Cable
    • EPG Provider (check if the gracenote logo is displayed on Settings tab)
  • Location
    • Country
    • Region
    • ZipCode
  • TV Provider
    • Cable company
    • Subscription type (basic/premium)
  • Lineup information
    • Some examples of channel numbers/names that are missing information
  • App information
    • Channels version
    • Screenshot of what you’re seeing