Not all providers are built the same. Here are some tips for tricky providers. There is a list of discussions for providers on our Community discussion board.

Re-authorizing Channels

Some channels might not authorize correctly. You can attempt to re-authorize a channel with the instructions below.

Find your source in the Settings tab and choose the Rescan Channels option. This will open a window listing all channels along with their current authorization status. Click the options box next to a channel and choose Rescan. Channels DVR Server will attempt to re-authorize the channel.

Note: Learn more about troubleshooting specific channels.


Supported: Spectrum & Spectrum Online

  • Spectrum’s authentication servers are easily overloaded and sometimes suffer outages.

  • You can manually re-scan channels that fail authentication by using the Rescan Channels menu.

You can try re-authenticating a channel using the directions above.

Note: Read more about Spectrum in the Channels Community.


SlingTV does not offer TV Everywhere access to most channels, so content can only be watched inside the Sling app.

Verify access to the channels you care about using the Check Availability buttons on the TV Everywhere Availability page


While authenticating with Xfinity, you can run into some issues. Here are some tips.

  • Two Factor Authentication must be disabled on your account. Create a sub-account without billing access and use that to log in.

  • Use your username when logging in and not your email address. When logging in with your email address, some channels will not work.

  • If you have separate Xfinity logins for TV and Internet, you will need to login to your Internet account and then visit this page to click the “Turn Off Auto Authentication” button:

xfinity auto authentication

Note: Read more about Xfinity in the Channels Community.

YouTube TV

  • Two Factor Authentication must be disabled on your account. Create a secondary family account and use that instead. Learn more on how to do that.

  • For best results, before adding YouTube TV, first visit and login to authorize TVE access.

  • Some fans are noting that using a brand new Google account attached to a YouTube TV family plan helps authentication.

Note: Read more about YouTube TV in the Channels Community.