Support Articles

Harmony Remote

Harmony remotes are fully supported. If you have paired a Harmony remote with your streaming box, you can be sure it will work well with Channels.

When your Harmony remote is paired with your streaming device, it will have all of the functionalities of the remote that came with your device.

Note: Learn more about controlling Channels with your remote.

IR Remotes

Older Harmony remotes communicate with your devices over IR. When using these remotes, you’ll be able to get the same functions that your streaming device’s remote offers.

Usually, these devices only support the buttons that come with their remotes. You should not expect buttons like Channel Up and Channel Down to work if your device’s remote does not have these buttons.

Note: Learn more about how to make even more commands available for your IR Harmony remote.

Harmony Hub Remotes

Harmony hub based remotes pair with your device via Bluetooth. You can sometimes get additional functionality when paired this way.

Check your device’s functions after you set it up in the Harmony app to see if you can get any advanced functionality.

Note: Learn more about how to make even more commands available for your hub based Harmony remote.

Apple TV

By default, your Harmony hub will attempt to communicate with your Apple TV via IR rather than Bluetooth. Pairing via Bluetooth is possible and makes the Home button available.

Use the manufacturer Harmony Pro and model number BT Apple TV 4 when adding the device. This will prompt your Harmony hub to pair to your Apple TV over Bluetooth.