Channels offers is a way to customize your experience by managing your channel lineup. You can hide, favorite, and sort your channels.

You can manage your channels while browsing them in On Now. When filtered to anything but Favorites, press and hold Select while on a channel to bring up the options menu. From here you can hide or mark the channel as a favorite.

Once you’ve picked all of your favorite channels, you can manage their order. Press and hold Select while on a channel. It will start to wiggle and you can move it to any other spot in your list of favorite channels.


You may find that you have some channels you just don't care about. Hide those to keep your list of channels as relevant as possible.


When first launched, Channels will import your favorite and hidden channels directly from your HDHomeRun. If you want all of your Channels to to have the same lineup, an easy way to do it is to manage them on your HDHomeRun first.

Once your lineups are set on your HDHomeRun, delete Channels from your device, reinstall it, and open it. It will re-import from your HDHomeRun.

You can manage the channel lineup on your HDHomeRun by visiting