Channels is the modern way of watching TV, right on your streaming device.

Modern TV

Channels is just another app on your streaming device. Just like watching Netflix, you just open the app, browse what’s on, and watch TV.

There’s no more input switching just to watch regular live TV.

Instead of flipping around channels from your antenna, you can browse what’s on TV with beautiful art and guide data. Channels has a familiar grid based guide to see what’s on later. You can mark your favorite channels to filter the guide on just the channels that you watch. You can easily hide channels so that they never show up in your guide.

Channels lets you watch TV the way you want, where you want.


Watching TV starts in 1 second or less. Channel flipping feels just like it used to.

Channels has developed its own custom video player that is tuned specifically for playing back the format that live TV uses.

Live Events

Watching all of your shows and movies with Netflix is great, but without live TV you miss out on live events like awards shows and sports.

Flip over to Channels and all of those events are right there to watch.

Familiar Interface

Instead of memorizing weird OTA channel numbers like 12.1, Channels lets you browse what’s on with a real guide and great art. You can see exactly what’s on right now.

Family Friendly

By far, Channels’ biggest compliment by its fans is how much their family loves it. Channels is so nice and easy to use, the rest of the family will fall in love with it.

One Antenna for your Whole Home

Since the required HDHomeRun TV tuner is available on your home network, you can use one antenna for every TV in your house.

Put a TV Anywhere

Because Channels just streams your TV over the network, you can put a TV anywhere in your house. You can watch sports on your porch, or news in the kitchen, or kids shows in the playroom.

Save Money

Channels lets you save money by allowing you to cancel cable while retaining the features you loved like pausing live TV and other DVR features.

Channels can work with your cable provider. Trade in all of your cable boxes, get a cable card from your cable provider, and use Channels instead. Most of the money on people’s cable bills are equipment lease fees. You can save hundreds of dollars a month by just returning your cable equipment.

Second Home

Using Channels’ remote streaming features, you can stream directly from your second home. Channels works exactly the same way when remote, you’ll never notice you’re streaming from your primary home.