Make Channels at home in your smart home.

Control Channels any way you want.

Tools to integrate Channels into your workflows.

Watch faster with Siri Shortcuts.

Launch into Channels instantly or control another Channels device.

Watch a Channel

Open and watch a channel instantly with a single tap, or your voice.

Watch the Next Episode on Another Device.

Open a show on your Apple TV, Android TV, or Fire TV and automatically play the next episode.

Shuffle a Collection

Start the playback of a collection in shuffled order.

Siri Suggestions

Siri's intelligence will suggest watching a show at just the right time.

Home Assistant.

Add Channels to your smart home goodie bag.

Channels Media Player

Add all your Channels apps as media players right inside Home Assistant.

Trigger Automations

Use Channels' play state for your home automations.

Control Channels

Adjust playback of Channels inside your scripts and automations.

Start a Channel, Show, and More

Tune to a channel or kick off a show from your Home Assistant automations.

Channels API.

Control or query what you're watching, with anything.

Control Playback

Pause, Resume, Seek and more.

Query what's playing

Fetch the title, subtitle, and image URL of what's currently playing.

Start a channel, show, and more

Tell the Channels app what to play and how to play it.