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Remote Control

Channels supports all the buttons you’ll find on your streaming device’s remote control.

As you would expect, you will use the Up, Down, Left, Right, and Select buttons to navigate Channels with your remote.

Hold Select on some items in the Channels interface to get options for the show, movie, or recording. This is a quick way to get to functions like Trash or Mark as Watched.


Here’s a list of what you should expect the buttons on your remote to do while watching TV.

  • Up - Show the timeline
  • Down - Show the Quick Guide
  • Left - Seek back 7 seconds
  • Hold Left - Rewind
  • Right - Seek forward 30 seconds
  • Hold Right - Fast forward
  • Select - Pause and resume playback
  • Play/Pause - Pause and resume playback
  • Press Play twice - Jump back to the last channel
  • Back / Exit / Menu - Exit back to the menu

Note: Learn more about how Channels works while watching TV.

Protip: You can press Down while the timeline is showing to dismiss it. Likewise, you can dismiss the Quick Bar by pressing Up while it is showing.