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Channels can play back episodes of a show in a random order. This is great when you want to watch a show, but don’t care which episode you want to watch.

How to Shuffle

While viewing a show, select the Watch button. You will be given the option to watch the next episode or to shuffle episodes.

Channels will take all of the episodes from that show and play them back in a random order.

This is great for all those sitcoms you have recorded and don’t feel like picking an episode. It’s also great for kids. Combined with Auto Play, you’ll keep the kids busy for a while.

Protip: Throughout Channels, you can also get the option to Shuffle by selecting and holding a show.


Channels offers the option to ignore watched episodes while shuffling. That way, you can watch random episodes without worrying about seeing something you’ve already watched.

Ignoring watched episodes is turned off by default and you can adjust it in Settings > Playback > Shuffle. There’s even a specific setting for Kids shows, because kids LOVE rewatching the same thing over and over.