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Reclaim your Media Library with the Kids Section

Tips & Tricks   February 13, 2023

Channels is a great way to build up a huge library of TV shows and movies. But if you have kids, sometimes that content can take over your whole DVR and media library. You’ve probably run into this problem in the past.

Keep in Sync with Channel Collections

Tips & Tricks   February 7, 2023

Channels lets you mark your TV channels as favorites and provides groups of channels based on certain criteria, but what if you could create your own group of channels? That’s where Channel Collections come in.

Ease your Life with Server Side Settings

Tips & Tricks   February 6, 2023

Channels has a lot of settings. A LOT OF SETTINGS. We think you should be empowered to curate your own TV experience, but we also know that it can be very time consuming to set up each client individually.

2022 Year in Review

News   December 15, 2022

2022 was the year of quality of life improvements for Channels. After giving you more ways to add content to your library and more unique features for watching it last year, we spent all of 2022 honing in on it.

Channels on Windows

News   November 15, 2022

Thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Android available in Windows 11, you can now run Channels on Windows.

Big Android & Fire TV Updates

News   November 15, 2022

Channels for Android and Fire TV have been getting a lot of attention recently, and we thought it was time to catch up on some of those great updates. Some are big, some are small, but they all add up to a lot of really great quality of life improvements.

2021 Year in Review

News   December 28, 2021

2021 ended up being a huge year for Channels. We brought more ways to add content to your library and more unique features for watching your content. With Custom Channels, Stream Links, Local Content, Virtual Channels, and more, we hope we helped make Channels even more useful for your family this year.

Channels 4.0 for Android & Fire TV

News   September 21, 2021

Enhanced Library Browsing, Kids Section, Favoriting, and more! Channels 4.0 for Android & Fire TV is now available.

Channels 3.5 for Android & Fire TV

News   June 1, 2021

Auto Play, Shuffle, Kiosk Mode, and more! Channels 3.5 for Android & Fire TV is now available.

Big Release!

News   March 30, 2021

Channel Collections, Server Side Settings, Kids Only Mode, and more. This is a big release.

Channels 3.0 for Android & Fire TV

News   September 1, 2020

Channels 3.0 for Android, Android TV, and Fire TV is now available containing lots of the exciting new features released for Apple TV and iOS last month.

Stream Easier with New PIN Based Authentication

News   June 30, 2020

It’s now incredibly easier and faster to connect remotely while away from home with our new PIN based authentication.

Never Lose a Recording with Trash

News   February 25, 2020

Channels now has a Trash feature to protect deleted recordings. Deleted recordings are placed into the Trash and scheduled to be permanently removed after an optional number of days.

TV Everywhere Support

News   July 25, 2019

Today we’re launching the public beta of a new feature to supplement our great HDHomeRun support. Channels Plus now allows you to log in with your existing TV provider account to add channels to your lineup via TV Everywhere. These new channels will be available for both watching and recording.

Auto Commercial Skipping

News   June 11, 2019

Automatic Commercial Skipping is now available.

Channels Now Available on Android

News   November 15, 2018

Channels is now available for Android handsets and tablets. This includes Fire Tablets.

Channels Apps Now Free for DVR Subscribers

News   August 17, 2018

The Channels apps are now free for all Channels DVR subscribers. One of the biggest barriers to trying Channels DVR is now gone. Huzzah!

Channels Unification

News   June 26, 2018

Today is a day we've been working towards all year. Today, all of the Channels apps are officially unified. No matter which Channels app you use, you can expect the same exact features. That includes full DVR support for Android TV and Fire TV!

Channels API

News   March 7, 2018

We just released an update to Channels that adds an HTTP API to let you control and query the Channels app.

Channels for Android TV & Fire TV

News   February 6, 2018

Today is a huge day for Channels. Today is the day it ventures out of the Apple ecosystem and into two great new ones.