Today we’re launching the public beta of a new feature to supplement our great HDHomeRun support. Channels Plus now allows you to log in with your existing TV provider account to add channels to your lineup via TV Everywhere. These new channels will be available for both watching and recording.

Channels, channels, everywhere

While an HDHomeRun isn’t required, the new TV Everywhere feature supplements your OTA HDHomeRun channels really well. Get your local networks over the air and add other network channels with your provider of choice.

By simply logging in with your existing provider’s credentials, Channels will add the networks that your provider has licensed through TV Everywhere into your lineup. You might not be able to get every channel that your provider has, but you will get a lot. Some providers have more channels licensed through TV Everywhere than others. Try it out and see what channels you can get.

Why the public beta?

While we’ve been testing this internally on pre-releases of Channels DVR Server for a while with members of our community, we need to expand the user base to get things more stable.

We need to see how well this works long term before committing to it as a first class feature for Channels. There’s even the possibility that it never becomes an official feature. But we need everyone’s help to get there.

Where can I learn more?

You can find more information and share experiences on the TV Everywhere category on our Community. We’ve created some posts to help get you started and to hopefully answer questions you might have.

There’s also a dedicated thread already created for most providers that help with them. Please use these pre-created threads for discussion about the corresponding providers.

Where can I get help?

As usual, you can get help on our Community and more specifically in the TV Everywhere category.

For specific issues, you can use the feedback form provided on our website to let us know any issues you’re having. Issues with your TV Everywhere source could be:

  • Errors while signing in and setting up your TV Everywhere source
  • Errors while scanning for channels
  • Missing channels
  • Errors while watching channels
  • Errors while recording