The Channels apps are now free for all Channels DVR subscribers. One of the biggest barriers to trying Channels DVR is now gone. Huzzah!

When we launched Channels DVR last fall, we made sure that the first 30 days were free so you had plenty of time to see if our software was a good fit for you and your family. Now, it's even easier!

Channels DVR: The App

The Channels DVR app is a new, separate, and free app on the App Store, Play Store, and Amazon Appstore, and it's available right now. It's the same Channels you know and love but only works while subscribed to Channels DVR.

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The original Channels app is still available for purchase if you're looking for a solution for watching live TV without the need for DVR. If you already have Channels and you're a DVR subscriber, there's no need to download the Channels DVR app. Both apps are the same, and you can expect it to stay that way.

All of the platforms, all of the apps

Channels started its life on the Apple TV. Since that time, it's become available for both iOS, Android TV and Fire TV.

As a subscriber of Channels DVR, now you can easily run it on any of the devices you own. Are you trying to decide on which streaming platform to standardize across your home? This should make that a lot easier.

Try before you buy

One cool by-product to Channels being free for DVR subscribers (and the free first 30 days), is that this creates a nice little way to try Channels before you buy it.

Maybe you're not interested in having a DVR, but you've wanted to try Channels for a while. By setting up Channels DVR and using it free for the first 30 days, you can download the Channels DVR app and try it out for 30 days.

If you like it, just cancel your subscription and purchase the Channels app for the best live TV experience available on your streaming devices.

Don't sweat it

We really hope this makes it a little easier for you to give Channels DVR a try and find out why our community loves it so much.

We think Channels and Channels DVR are the most important tools you and your family can have when cutting the cord.

Learn more about it and try it out for 30 days completely risk free. We think you'll love it.