Channels is now available for Android handsets and tablets. This includes Fire Tablets.

Channels has been on Android TV and Fire TV since early 2018. Our Android fans have been clamoring for the same support that iOS users have had for a while. Today we get to deliver that!

channels dvr android phone tablets

Watch and manage

With Channels coming to Android, you can not only watch live TV and recordings on the go, you can finally manage your DVR right from your pocket.

If you're an Android fan, you no longer have to use the Channels DVR web admin just to schedule a recording or delete some shows.

Tablets galore, including Fire Tablets

With Android handset support, we also get tablet support. This means you can now use your Android tablet all around the house or while way from home to watch and manage your shows on a big screen.

Fire Tablets are super popular for kids. With Channels now available on them, your kids can get quick access to all of their favorite shows!