2021 ended up being a huge year for Channels. We brought more ways to add content to your library and more unique features for watching your content. With Custom Channels, Stream Links, Local Content, Virtual Channels, and more, we hope we helped make Channels even more useful for your family this year.

Thanks for all of your support and feedback. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Here’s a few highlights of how the Channels platform has grown over the last year.

Custom Channels

2021 kicked off with a really cool way to add your own channels to your Guide.

By using any live stream and turning it into a live channel in your guide, Custom Channels were a huge addition this year. We saw so much creativity in the community while adding their security cameras and even creating ways to add channels from other services like Pluto.

Learn More → about Custom Channels.

Custom Channels

Channel Collections

Channel Collections were the first big customization we added this year. Channel Collections allowed us to create our own groups of Channels and apply them to all of our clients at once. This was a huge improvement for managing channels and watching TV.

Learn More → about how to create and manage Channel Collections.

Channel Collections

Local Content

Local Content finally left beta in 2021. Being able to import your own videos and old recordings from previous DVRs really helped fill out our libraries for some of our other great features, like Virtual Channels.

Learn More → about Local Content.

Local Content

Library Collections

Library Collections allowed us to group Movies and TV Shows together. These collections helped us get to our favorites faster and also powered newer features, like Virtual Channels.

Learn More → about Library Collections.

Library Collections

Virtual Channels

This was a biggie. Virtual Channels is something we had wanted to build since the first day we started workd on our DVR. After years of laying down a foundation, we were finally able to deliver Virtual Channels for everyone.

Virtual Channels lets you create fake channels in your Guide using content from your own library. Want a channel that just plays Seinfeld back to back? Then 2021 was good for you.

Learn More → about Virtual Channels.

Virtual Channels

On Later

On Later finally gave us an easier way to browse upcoming shows and movies without scrolling through our guide.

It let us browse movies by genre, sports by their league, and even what was coming up on specific TV channels. It shows you specials coming on soon, new seasons that are starting, and even the ability to fine tune it with our preferences.

Learn More → about On Later.

On Later

Picture in Picture

Our longest requested feature was finally added early in 2021. Everyone was excited to finally have Picture in Picture in Channels.

Learn More → about Picture in Picture.

picture in picture

Early in the year we surprised everyone with Stream Links. By utilizing a simple text file, you were able to add content from other streaming apps right into your Channels library.

Learn More → about Stream Links.

Stream Links

PlayOn Cloud Integration

In 2021, we collaborated with PlayOn to get your PlayOn Cloud recordings directly integrated into your Channels library. Channels fans loved this simple way to add more to their library.

Learn More → about PlayOn Cloud Integration.

PlayOn Cloud Integration

Kids Only Mode

Kids Only Mode let you force Channels clients to show only content that you had set for kids. This was great for kids’ devices by allowing you to lock things down to just their content while also giving them a better experience overall.

They got their own version of Channels!

Learn More → about managing Kids Only Mode.

Kids Only Mode

Siri Shortcuts

Channels for iOS got Siri Shortcut support. We added tons of actions to let you launch channels, shows, or collections automatically. These actions even allowed you to launch them on your TV client from your iOS device.

Learn More → about Siri Shortcuts.

siri shortcuts

Server Side Settings

Server Side Settings allowed us to set every setting for your Channels clients, from your Channels DVR Server. You could even set them per client. This was a huge improvement for setting up TVs across the house and your family.

Learn More → about managing Server Side Settings.

More Features for Android

Android got a lot of updates this year by adding a lot of must asked for features.


Phew, that was a lot! We wrapped up 2020 with a really solid foundation for Channels DVR Server. This allowed us to finally start adding some really great quality of life features in 2021.

Stay tuned for 2022. We have a ton in store for a year we hope is a little easier on all of us than the last two years.