You can now link your PlayOn Cloud account with Channels and watch all of your PlayOn Cloud recordings in Channels.

After linking your account, Channels DVR Server will become an authoritative downloader for all of your PlayOn Cloud recordings. The recordings will import into your Channels library and you can watch them just like your normal DVR recordings. You can even skip the commercials.

We’ve partnered directly with PlayOn with this and we both think it’s going to be a great addition for Channels and PlayOn fans.

playon cloud channels import

What is PlayOn Cloud?

If you’re unfamiliar with PlayOn Cloud, it’s a service that allows you to record movies and TV shows from streaming services that you subscribe to.

You use their app to log in with all of your streaming services, then queue content to get recorded in the cloud. Once the recordings are done, it provides you with a file for the recorded content.

Once you link accounts, Channels DVR Server will fetch those files when they are complete and import them into your Channels library. It’s all automatic.

Channels Library

Once your PlayOn Cloud recordings are downloaded and imported by Channels DVR Server, they are permanently in your library. You can access the files on your hard drive just like your normal DVR recordings.

You can watch them right away, watch them remotely, and they even get their commercials skipped.

Is this free?

PlayOn Cloud is not free. They have a few different plans for recording content. We suggest using the credits based plan when integrating it with Channels. The storage based plans are not very beneficial when your recordings are being automatically downloaded into your library.

You can learn more about the PlayOn Cloud integration in our support article.