Channels 3.0 for Android, Android TV, and Fire TV is now available containing lots of the exciting new features released for Apple TV and iOS last month.

channels 3.0 android tv fire tv

What’s New?

When we released the huge update for Apple TV and iOS last month, we promised that Android and Fire TV would be gaining these features throughout the rest of the year. Well, we got a lot of them done faster than we thought we would!

The new navigation sidebar is able to show more items at once and is fully customizable. You now have the power to choose what shows up in the main navigation.

Don’t use On Now? No problem, you can turn it off via Settings now.

Additionally, you can promote other sections like Movies, Up Next, TV Shows, and others to the sidebar for easier access.

Learn More → about the new navigation sidebar.

New List Based Recordings Section

The Recordings section is now a simple list of your recent recordings sorted by recording date. This has been one of the biggest requests from our fans.

So much more!

  • Manage Trash directly in the app
  • Mark shows as Favorites
  • Option to Resume or Start from Beginning when resuming recording playback
  • Customized seek times for watching movies
  • Remote Shortcuts
  • Hide trash buttons from the user interface
  • More settings to customize your experience

What’s Not There Yet?

We’re trying to add features as quick as we can, but we want them in your hands as fast as possible. So not every feature made it into this update.

Here are some of the features that haven’t been added yet and are due to come throughout the rest of the year. We’re planning on releasing them as they’re completed.