It’s now incredibly easier and faster to connect remotely while away from home with our new PIN based authentication.

remote stream pin authentication

Holy cow, finally.

Yes, we share that sentiment. Previously, logging in with TV based Channels apps was a huge pain. Not only was it kludgy, it sometimes didn’t even work on hotel Wi-Fi, and isn’t that the whole point of streaming remotely!

With PIN based authentication, it’s a snap to get logged in while you’re away from home. You can even do it in a single step by scanning the QR code on the screen.

This is available today on the Android TV and Fire TV platforms.

What about Apple TV?

PIN based authentication will be arriving on Apple TV with the big new 4.0 version that we’ve been teasing. It’s been in beta for quite some time as we’ve developed it and should be available soon.

Update: Channels 4.0 has been released for tvOS and iOS which includes this new PIN based authentication.