You can now watch Channels full screen in your Tesla.

Full Screen Glory

Tesla owners know that in v10, released this past fall, Tesla introduced Tesla Theater. This let you watch a select group of video services while parked. It plays them back in full screen.

Tesla owners also know that any other services that aren’t provided by Tesla Theater are relegated to the built in web browser. And while video will play back, it’s contained to the browser frame.

Thanks to /u/TeslaModel11 and his post on Reddit, he figured out a little trick to get the normal browser loading full screen.

We employed his trick and made it even easier for you to launch in full screen with Channels.

Go Full Screen

To launch Channels full screen, just visit We needed a page for the browser to load, so that you had the opportunity to bookmark it. This will put you on the landing page for launching into full screen.

Bookmark this page so you can get into Channels even faster without entering the URL every time.

To make it even faster, choose the option to skip the splash screen on your next visit. Be sure to bookmark it before you choose this option, since you won’t have the opportunity to bookmark it afterwards.

If you forgot to bookmark it and chose to automatically skip the splash screen, visit and the redirect will be ignored, allowing you to bookmark it again! We got you covered!

Limited Audience

We’re very aware that not all of our Channels fans drive Teslas 🤣. But we thought this would be a nice little surprise for those that do. So for those fans with Teslas, have fun with this one!