Channels now has a Trash feature to protect deleted recordings. Deleted recordings are placed into the Trash and scheduled to be permanently removed after an optional number of days.


As we move the Channels platform forward, it’s important to make sure it’s reliable and trustworthy. One thing we want to ensure, is that Channels fans’ recordings are protected.

Previously, once a recording was deleted via its pass settings, or from a manual delete, there was no way to get it back. Now, those recordings get put into the Trash where they are easily restored back to your library.

When recordings go into the Trash, they’re scheduled to be permanently removed after an option number of days. The default is 1 day, but you have the additional options of 3 or 10 days.

Additionally, Channels DVR Server will immediately remove items from the Trash if disk space gets below 20GB.


If you need to restore a deleted recording, you can find the Trash in the Channels DVR Server web admin. From there you can restore the recording, delete it immediately, or empty the entire trash right away.

Trash is not accessible from the apps just yet, but it will be soon. You’ll be able to do all of this right from Channels.


We’re excited to add this extra level of protection to your library of content. We think it’s going to be even more welcomed with future feature plans for content in your library 😉