With Channels 4.0 , we’ve added some requested features for playing back your shows.

channels 4.0 auto play

Auto Play

Channels will now auto play the next episode of your show once you’re done watching. This was a big request amongst our fans. When your show is almost complete, it will show a card in the bottom right hand corner.

Auto Play is defaulted off and you can turn it on in Settings > Library > Auto Play

But there’s more! Some couch snoozers fear Auto Play, as it’s a recipe for disaster if you’re keeping a tight watch count on your show. So, when Auto Play is off, Channels will still offer a Next Up card when your show is almost over. You can click it to skip directly to the next episode without fear of it happening automatically.


Channels now offers you the option to play back episodes of a show in a random order. This is great when you want to watch a show, but don’t care which episode to watch.

This is also great for kids. Combined with Auto Play, you’ll keep the kids busy for a while.

Channels offers the option to ignore watched episodes while shuffling. That way, you can watch random episodes without worrying about seeing something you’ve already watched. Ignoring watched episodes is turned off by default and you can adjust it in Settings > Playback > Shuffle. There’s even a specific setting for Kids shows, because kids LOVE rewatching the same thing over and over.