Channels 4.0 adds an official Kids section to quarantine all of your kids’ content. But it has some tricks up its sleeve.

channels 4.0 kids section


Kids love movies and shows. Kids love watching things over and over and over and back to back to back. They watch their content differently than we do. And frankly, they have a ton of it.

There’s so much of it, that it tends to clunk up your library when browsing for say, a good Comedy to watch.

That’s why we created the Kids Section. Giving kids their own section helps them find their content faster, and it gets their content out of our libraries.

Get to their favorites

Kids tend to watch the same things over and over. That’s why we organized their section differently.

The Kids section shows their movies sorted by recently watched, so their current favorites are always within reach. Next, it shows their recently added movies so they can always see what new movies have been added for them. Lastly, their shows are sorted by the last time they watched an episode.

All of this keeps their current favorite content within reach.

Get your library back

The kids section doesn’t just give you a dedicated section for kids content, it lets you filter it out of your main library.

Channels 4.0 comes with a new feature called Library Visibility. Open the options for a movie or show and choose where you want it to be visible. You can choose Library, Kids, or Both.

Content set to Kids will only show up in the Kids section. It will not show up while browsing your library. Content set to Both will show in both the Kids section and your main library. Content set to Library will show in your main library, and not in Kids. This is the default of all content.

Turn on Kids section

To get started, go to the Library settings at Settings > Library and turn on the Kids section.

If this is the first time you’ve turned it on, it will ask if you would like it to do an initial population of the Kids section. This will just take everything already tagged for kids via other metadata, and set their library visibility to Kids.

After the initial population, adjusting visibility will be up to you.