For years, we’ve reported all new features and changes from our News section, but today we’re transforming it into a true blog.

The changes we’ve made allow us to be way more creative in the content was can share with you. Previously, all of our written posts were simply announcements. With the changes we’ve made, we can now talk about features in depth, good use cases for them, and even get a bit more technical.

What’s Changed?

Besides the title going from News -> Blog, we’ve added a few things.


The new blog allows us to create different sections for different types of content. Stay tuned for all kinds of different content to help you learn about and use Channels even better.


Posts can be tagged so you can find more posts about just the topic you’re interested in.

RSS Feeds

Along with the main RSS feed, each section of the blog can be subscribed to via RSS.

New Content? Videos?

We’re mostly excited to write about the great and unique features for Channels. We’ve never had a great way to get into how some of the features can improve your experience, or solve really common problems. Now we can.

We’re also working on video content on our YouTube channel that will pair with our written posts. Expect a nice simple video to go along with the Tips & Tricks posts.

So Yeah, It’s just a Blog

So yeah, there’s nothing incredibly exciting here, it’s now just a normal blog. But that’s great, blogging is back baby!

We’re totally excited to be able to share more content with Channels fans, so keep a look out for more to come.