It’s with great excitement that we announce we are taking the beta tag off of Channels DVR. It is stable, it has been proven to work really well, and it is ready.

If you were waiting for Channels DVR to leave its Public Beta period, now is your chance to finally go check it out. People are really loving it. Even we’re impressed with how well it works and turned out!

Check out the details and new site at:

First Month is on Us.

The subscription price for Channels DVR is $8 per month.

We’re super excited to announce that all new subscribers will get their first month free!

We want everyone to have a chance to use Channels DVR and make sure it fits well into their households. If you find that it doesn’t, just cancel during the first month and you will not be charged.

Thank You Beta Users.

We also want to thank all of you that took a chance on Channels DVR to help us through this beta process. You didn’t just help us find bugs, you also helped guide the product and how it works. We couldn’t have done it without all of your different scenarios, workflows, and expectations in how a DVR should work. Thank you so much. It’s been a joy to interact with you all on the community site.

As a thank you, all active subscribers will be receiving a free month of service.

Wrap up.

Building Channels DVR has been really hard and fulfilling. We think what we have today is a really great base for what will end up being even better in the future. Thanks to everyone that has provided feedback or gave compliments on the effort. It makes everything worthwhile.

If you love Channels and Channels DVR, the best thing you can do is tell everyone you know. Show them they don’t need their expensive cable boxes. Show them they don’t need to input switch to their Antenna. Show them that they don’t need to give up their DVR if they cancel cable.

It’s hard not to feel that a new piece of fun DVR software is a bit secondary to what’s important on a day like today. The tragedy in Las Vegas is heartbreaking. We wish everyone involved well. The easiest way to help during a time like this is to help fill up the blood banks. You can find a local blood drive near you a the Red Cross. Please consider giving blood.

We hope you enjoy Channels DVR and find it useful.