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Watch and record your favorite programs from every TV and device. From the living room, hotel room, or even on your commute, Channels delivers a unified experience across all your TVs, devices, and streaming platforms.

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Channels is easy for the whole family to love.

A joy to use and simple to set up, Channels lets you finally watch live TV and your recordings from your streaming device.

techhive editors choice ota dvr

Best OTA DVR for Power Users

TechHive Editors Choice
techhive editors choice ota dvr

Best OTA DVR for Power Users

TechHive Editors Choice

Enjoy free over-the-air HD TV and cable TV shows.

Add your source and watch real TV with ease. Flip channels, mark your favorites, search shows, and more.

Explore Live TV Features

Record your shows and never miss an episode.

Record a show in progress. Set a pass to record all or just new episodes. Record all of the games for your favorite team. Channels has the DVR features you've been waiting for.

Explore DVR Features

Use your existing provider to watch and record.

Sign in with with your existing provider to unite all of your streaming channels into a single guide. Watch and record all of your channels in a single app.

Learn about TV Everywhere

Watch in every part of your home or on the go.

Watch the award show in the living room. Watch the game in the garage. Catch up on your shows at the gym. Tune in to breaking news on your phone when it happens. Watch anything, anywhere.

What People are Saying

Apple TV just became the best box for streaming live broadcast TV”


Apple TV already has at least one 'killer app'. The new third-party Apple TV app, Channels.”


I can tell you it’s buttery smooth”

Zatz Not Funny!

The interface is beautiful, minimalistic, and laid out in a logical manner”



Harry McCracken


Channels has one of the best DVR interfaces I’ve used.

12:01 PM · Nov 10, 2020

apple app store

Great DVR


We used Windows Media Center for 6 years before switching over and I wish I would of done it sooner. With the features the devs keep...       Read More ›

Sep 26, 2020


Josh Fofer


I’m loving Channels 4.0, the whole Channels DVR experience has been a gamechanger for me. So excited to see what other great features and functionality you’ve got cooking!

7:53 PM · Jul 30, 2020

apple app store

TiVo who?


We switched from TiVo about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back! The wife loves the Apple TV interface and even uses streaming...       Read More ›

Oct 30, 2020


Sean Kelly


Started using @getchannels DVR for my OTA DVR setup at home. Fantastic experience. Take my money.

9:32 PM · Dec 4, 2020

apple app store



Channels is getting better all the time. Seriously considering moving all of my Plex information over to this app. I’ve been using Channels...       Read More ›

Oct 3, 2020




Great work!! I love this app and the developers who literally think of everything!

2:53 PM · Sep 1, 2020

apple app store

Cut the cord


Channels is the best companion to your HDHomeRun that replaces those expensive set top DVR boxes the cable company provides. This service...       Read More ›

Feb 20, 2020


Paul Cutler


I highly recommend the @getchannels app. If you’re using an antenna, it’s a must have in your arsenal when cutting the cord. Worth the annual subscription, and I ditched MythTV (which I love!) for it.

10:30 AM · Jul 30, 2020

apple app store

Top in Class Developer


If all developers listened to their customers like they do, life would be a better place. They actively monitor and respond within minutes to every...       Read More ›

Nov 6, 2020


Bill Steinbach


I was a @TiVo user since the S2 days. Switched to @getchannels last month and can’t believe how great the experience is. @TiVo lost me with the slow iOS app and canceled AppleTV integration.

4:48 PM · Sep 1, 2020

apple app store



The best DVR I’ve ever used. Year 2 of flawless performance and excellent dev support.

Dec 8, 2020

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