PlayOn Cloud

Automatically download your PlayOn Cloud recordings into your Channels library.

Link your PlayOn Cloud account and watch your recordings in Channels.

Channels automatically adds your PlayOn Cloud recordings to your library.

custom channels

PlayOn Cloud records from your subscribed streaming services.

Channels automatically adds the recordings to your library.

PlayOn Cloud app

Queue Recordings with PlayOn Cloud

Use the PlayOn Cloud app to queue your recordings.

Automatic Downloads

Channels will download and add the recordings to its library automatically.

Record from Streaming Services

Record from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more services you are subscribed to.

Your Library

PlayOn Cloud recordings show up in your library just like your DVR recordings.

Automatic Commercial Skipping

Recordings get their commercials indexed, so commercials are automatically skipped.

Common Questions

How does this actually work?

PlayOn Cloud uses its technology to make recordings of content from streaming services on their cloud servers. Once completed, they offer you a way to download the recorded files.

By linking your account to Channels, these recordings will be automatically added to your library to watch with Channels.

Which streaming providers does PlayOn Cloud support?

You can view all the streaming services PlayOn Cloud can record from on their site.

Is this free?

PlayOn Cloud is not free. You can choose from a few different plans for making recordings. You must be subscribed to any streaming service you want to record from.

Which PlayOn Cloud plan is best to use with Channels?

Since Channels will download your recordings as soon as they are complete, it’s best to pay for PlayOn Cloud using their credits based plans. With credits based plans, you just pay pennies per recording. Your credits never expire.

You will have no need for their large storage plans since your recordings will be downloaded immediately into your Channels library.

Learn More

You can learn more about how the PlayOn Cloud integration with Channels works in our support article.

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