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Western Digital MyCloud Home Resolution

News   March 22, 2022

Western Digital has scheduled a mandatory firmare upgrade for their MyCloud Home network attached storage devices. Here’s what you need to know if you are running Channels DVR Server on this device.

Nvidia Shield Version 9.0.0 Server Resolution

News   January 13, 2022

Today, Nvidia released their 9.0.0 update for their Nvidia SHIELD streaming device. It has been verified that our Channels DVR Server has compatibility issues that will keep it from running on this updated version.

Channels Protips

News   April 12, 2019

Today, we're launching Channels Protips on our YouTube channel.

On the Demise of HDHomeRun Premium TV

News   March 28, 2019

Today, SiliconDust, the makers of HDHomeRun, announced that their Premium TV service would end in 30 days. While we all saw the writing on the wall with the lawsuit against their upstream provider, it's now official.