How To Watch Live TV on your Apple TV, Android TV, or Fire TV

Step 1: Get the App

The Channels app lets you watch live TV right on your streaming device. It even lets you pause, rewind, and fast forward just like your old cable box. Channels works on Apple TV, Android TV, or any of your iOS devices. It's THE best way to watch live TV.

Step 2: Pick an HDHomeRun

The HDHomeRun is a TV tuner that broadcasts your television signal across your home over your home network. Instead of plugging your HD antenna into every TV in your home, you plug it into the HDHomeRun. Then, you can watch TV on any device in your home. You can even do it with your cable.

The Channels app uses it to let you watch TV in any room of your home. You don't have to attach an antenna to every TV anymore.

Our Picks

hdhomerun duo
  • Free broadcast TV with your HD Antenna
  • Watch with 2 devices at once
  • No transcoding
  • Compatible with Channels DVR service

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hdhomerun prime
  • 100s of channels from your cable provider*
  • Watch with 3 devices at once
  • No transcoding
  • Compatible with Channels DVR service

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Channels supports all models of HDHomeRun. Learn more about the HDHomeRun device support for all Channels apps. Learn more about all of the HDHomeRun models.

* HDHomeRun Prime model requires a CableCard to decode channels. Contact your cable provider. Channels can not decode protected (copy-once) cable channels. Contact your cable provider to find out if they protect any channels. Protected channels varies by provider and region. Verizon FIOS and Comcast are known to have few or no protected channels.

Step 3: Set it up

Get Super Powers

Stop flipping inputs and do all your TV watching on the same device. Your family will love you for it.

Pause and Seek

Pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV.

Program Guide

Zero configuration to see what's on TV.

Sport Seek

Customize your seek times for sports programming. Quickly skip through the downtime.

DVR Support

Add on a DVR service with Channels DVR. Learn more

Quick Tune

Channels start in less than 1 second.

Cut the Cord

Cut the cord, keep your local channels.


Full HD TV right from your HDHomeRun.

Surround Sound

Support for full 5.1 surround sound.


Full support for VoiceOver. Browse and watch TV with ease.

Closed Captions

Full support for closed captioning and alternate audio tracks.

Jump Back

Jump back to your last channel with a double click of the remote .

Channel Flipping

Browse through favorites while watching .


Mark channels as favorites. Browse them for quicker access to your favorite networks.


Update your HDHomeRun firmware or scan for channels device directly inside the app.

What People are Saying

Apple TV just became the best box for streaming live broadcast TV”


Apple TV already has at least one 'killer app'. The new third-party Apple TV app, Channels.”


I can tell you it’s buttery smooth”

Zatz Not Funny!

The interface is beautiful, minimalistic, and laid out in a logical manner”


Why Should I Use Channels?

Channels is the missing piece of your puzzle. If you already watch everything through streaming apps, Channels lets you finally watch sports, award shows, and other live events that you may be missing.

Netflix, Hulu, Movies, Games, AirPlay, and now live TV on your streaming device. All without switching inputs – the holy grail!

Watch live primetime TV, local news, and sports anywhere in your home with your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or Android TV.

Want sports on your porch? News in the kitchen? Use Channels and let your TV follow you around your home.

Using antenna for live TV? Channels lets you use one antenna for everything in your home.

Save money by ditching cable boxes and watch your cable subscription with Channels on your streaming device instead.

Cut the cord and ditch cable while still being able to watch live TV and sports via for free over-the-air broadcasts.

Quit memorizing weird channel numbers like 12.1 and browse TV channels by TV networks and a full guide.

Super easy to use by everyone in the family.

Add Channels DVR to Transform Your Channels App

Channels DVR is an add on service you can install on your home computer. Learn more about Channels DVR.

The Whole Home DVR You've Been Waiting For

channels dvr recordings

Channels DVR turns the Channels app into a full fledged DVR. Record what you're currently watching, search for your favorite show, and create a Series Pass to never miss an episode…all from the Channels app.

Pause in the living room and resume it in the kitchen on your iPad. Finish a show at the gym on your iPhone. It works everywhere.

Learn about more Channels DVR features

Don't Let the Cloud Get you Down

channels dvr recordings

Channels DVR runs in your home on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and almost all popular NAS systems. There's no cloud to worry about being down. Your recordings are always available.

Learn more about Channels DVR requirements

How does Channels DVR work?

Channels DVR is a separate application that runs in the background on your home computer and utilizes your network TV tuner to record your shows. It transforms Channels from just live TV to a multi-room DVR.

Your Channels app magically sees Channels DVR over your home network and instantly adds DVR features.

Channels DVR is very lightweight and you'll never notice it's running.

Browse, manage, and watch all of your recordings directly on all of the Channels apps.

Can't record enough shows at the same time? Just add another network tuner. Channels DVR lets you add as many as you want.

Watch the same thing in multiple rooms and only use a single tuner. Channels DVR will inteligently share tuners.

Channels DVR records directly to your hard drive, so your recording limits are limitless.

Cut the cord and keep recording your favorite broadcast TV shows.

Keep your cable and return your provider's boxes. Save money per month with a friendlier, more accessible, and modern TV experience without losing DVR.

Search for your Favorites

Did you just hear about a great new show? Search for it right in Channels. Record a few of its upcoming episodes or create a Series Pass to get every new episode that airs.

Channels DVR will even let you search for your favorite team and create a Team Pass. You'll never miss the beginning of the game again.

Manage your DVR in Channels

Check the schedule of your upcoming recordings. Create a Series Pass. Delete a few recordings. Search and schedule that special event to record. Manage the amount of episodes that a Series Pass keeps around.

You can manage your entire DVR from within the app, nothing else is needed. You can even do it while away from home, all over a secure connection.

See What's Recording in the App

Channels DVR turns your Channels app into a full DVR. It doesn't just play back your recordings. Once you install it, your Channels app will light up with DVR features.

The guide will show exactly what's scheduled to record and what's currently recording. You can pick something to record and schedule it right from the guide.

Watch While Recording

Miss the beginning of your show? Don't sit around waiting for it to finish recording. Channels DVR let's you watch a recording that's currently in progress.

Channels will even ask if you want to watch the recording if you try to watch it live.

Watch on the Go

Watch from anywhere you want. Catch up on your shows at the gym. Finish the end of the game on the train. Tune in to breaking news when it happens.

You have complete control over the stream quality and all streaming happens over a secure connection directly from home.

Never Miss a Recording

channels dvr recordings

Channels DVR will use as many network tuners as you throw at it. Missing some recordings because of conflicts? Add another HDHomeRun to your network and you'll have two more tuners to handle recording or watching live TV.

Even better, Channels DVR will share your tuners. If you're watching the game in two different rooms, only a single tuner will be used.

What People are Saying

The best DVR is a smart one that you don't have to do a lot of manual tweaking on, and Channels DVR fits that bill.”


It’s the best replacement for eyeTV, offering superior versions of similar features.”


This is every bit a premium app, but it delivers a reliable and super-slick experience that makes it worth every single penny.”


One of my favorite things about using Channels DVR is the fact that it plays nice with multiple HDHomeRun boxes.”


Whole Home DVR

Record in one place, watch on every TV & iOS device in your house.

21 Day Guide

Browse or search through 21 days worth of guide data that updates daily.

Series & Team Passes

Pick your favorite shows or teams, and choose to record all or just their new airings.

Auto Prune

Never run out of space. Let Channels DVR manage your recordings.

Manage From Anywhere

Schedule a recording from your phone while you're away from home.

Watch On The Go

Watch your favorite shows or teams while you're away from home. Live or recorded.

Multiple Tuner Support

Use as many HDHomeRuns as you want. Or even prioritize them.

Tuner Sharing

Watch the same channel on every device, only use 1 tuner.

Up Next

Let Channels DVR tell you what to watch next.


Search by show, movie, team, or sport.

Watch In Progress

Watch your shows while they're currently recording. Don't wait for them to finish.

Commercial Indexing

Recordings get their commercials indexed, so you can skip them with a click of a button.

Pause & Resume

Pause in one room and resume in another. Or on your iPhone or iPad.

Hardware Transcoding

Hardware accelerated transcoding for remote access on any platform utilizing Intel Quick Sync technology.

Manage from your Couch

Start a recording, create a Series Pass, or delete recordings...right from Channels.

Feature Parity

1:1 feature parity on every version of Channels

Runs on Anything

Channels DVR can be run anywhere. Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and most popular NAS devices.

Plays Well With Others

Channels DVR won't get disconnected while recording when other apps try to use your HDHomeRun.